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Certificate program teaches Python to working professionals淮北高通美贸易有限公司

The new Software Development in Python certificate program, a six-course program offered through eCornell, will enable participants to master the foundational concepts of programming in Python.


'Locally grown' broccoli looks, tastes better to consumers德令哈益欣千设备有限公司

In tests, consumers in upstate New York were willing to pay more for broccoli grown in New York when they knew where it came from, Cornell researchers found.

Certificate program provides road map for innovation包头鑫凯美服务有限公司

Cornell has launched the Innovation Strategy certificate program, which will empower participants to develop a plan and allow them to properly deploy and measure its success.


Grants seed social science research, conferences金华多益泰机械有限公司

The Cornell Center for Social Sciences has funded 14 faculty research projects and conferences in the Fall 2019 round of its Small Grants Program.

Applications open for community-engaged learning grants 西安本顺如有限公司

The Office of Engagement Initiatives is accepting applications for grants to fund faculty, staff and students who are launching, advancing or participating in community-engaged learning at Cornell.

Certificate program develops understanding of beer selection石家庄富旺万贸易有限公司

The School of Hotel Administration has launched a Beer Essentials certificate program, available online through eCornell, to help hospitality industry professionals establish an effective beer program.


Pitch competition rewards new ‘way’ to pay restaurants涿州祥进新科技有限公司

The Cornell Hospitality Pitch Deck Competition encouraged students to hone essential communications skills for entrepreneurs.

Online brand-management course offered through eCornell邵武元荣多机械有限公司

Cornell’s new online Brand Management certificate program is ideal for business and marketing professionals, and provides the essential framework to build, manage and enhance a brand.


Cornell eLab students pitch their innovations in NYC白山茂多兴商贸有限公司

Members of eLab, Cornell’s student business accelerator, pitched their entrepreneurial ideas to business leaders, mentors and alumni at the annual eLab NYC Pitch Night, Nov. 7 at the World Trade Center.

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